Uni-directional Pallet

Our Unidirectional Pallet is engineered to meet the dynamic demands of the European market, offering unparalleled strength without the weight and bulk of traditional wooden or metal pallets. This makes it an environmentally friendly option that also saves on shipping costs due to its lightweight nature. Fully compliant with European standards, each pallet is designed for consistent performance in appearance, weight, and dimensions, providing ease of integration into existing logistics systems.


NameOutside DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
800 x 120048" x 40" x 6.5"22 lbs.2500 lbs.
600 x 80048" x 40" x 6.5"22 lbs.2500 lbs.
Display Pallet48" x 42" x 6.5"23.3 lbs.2500 lbs.


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