600 x 800mm Half Pallet

600 x 800mm Half Pallet

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This pallet offers outstanding economy along with strength and durability. The space saving capacity and lightweight design combine to reduce a shipper’s cost per trip producing the ultimate benefit, a quick return on investment.

Pallet Features

  • Twin Sheet construction reduces the need for repair and reduces product damage.
  • Extremely Durable.
  • Manufactured from BA50-100, High-Molecular Weight, High Density Food Approved Polyethylene Co-Polymer for maximum product performance.
  • Impervious to weather, including extreme heat ( 70°C )and cold ( -40°C ) with UV Ray protection.
  • Proprietary Anti-Skid Surface Unparalleled to competitors pallets.
  • Resistant to detergents, most solvents, acids and bases.
  • No Heavy Metals – meets RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.
  • 100% Compatible with existing wood and plastic pallets.
  • Light Weight (8.4 Kg).Uni Pallet600x800PalletItUse 600 x 800mm Half Pallet
  • Uni-Directional entry for ease in handling with Fork Trucks and Pallet Jacks.
  • Reinforced.
  • Conveyable in the 600mm dimension.
  • Clean, Smooth Surfaces.
  • Steam Washable.
  • 100% recyclable.



Pallet Opions

  • RFID TagsUni Pallet600x800RFID 600 x 800mm Half Pallet
  • Custom Colors
  • Company Logo
  • Custom Embossing
  • Fire Retardant
  • Anti-Skid Surface

Pallet Containerization

W11704AA BA 600x800 High Profile Runner Pallet 40ft High Cube Sea Container Densityv2 600 x 800mm Half Pallet

Untitled 1 600 x 800mm Half Pallet













Pallet Dimensions & Load Specifications
Pallet Length: 600 mm Pallet Color: Black (Additional colors available upon request)
Pallet Width: 800 mm Racking Load Capacity: 500 Kg
Pallet Height: 150 mm * Static Load Capacity: 1,500 Kg
Pallet Weight: 8.4 Kg * Dynamic Load Capacity: 500 Kg

* Weight capacity may vary +/- depending on the nature of the load, i.e. load dimensions, center of gravity,  stacking configuration and handling method.

This pallet is protected from unauthorized duplication by U.S.patent No. 8,424,469.