• No trays or dunnage to removeunicase Uni Case
  • Top is assisted with gas springs
  • Tray dividers are assisted with gas springs


  • Less than steel racks
  • Competitive with baskets and divider trays
  • Less labor intensive loading and unloading
  • More parts per container and trailer
  • Competitive with expendable packaging
  • Uni-Case containers are made of BA 50-100 HDPE that is 100% recyclable


  • Parts are secured in their own pockets, top and bottom
  • Parts are completely encapsulated to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating
  • Parts are cushioned from impact by both outer clam shell and inner dunnage


  • Uni-Case may be latched, locked or sealed

Shipping Information:

  • Size 46.5 x 63.5 x 48
  • Stacked 4 high in storage
  • Stack 2 high in shipping truckunicase2 Uni Case
  • 34 Uni-Case containers per 48′ trailer
  • Can have 2 or 3 trays per container depending on part size and weight
  • Has 4-way tray entry
  • Weight approx. 175 lb (depends on use and dunnage)





 Uni case Pallet Brochure Drawing Uni Case