Shuert Technologies, the market leader in returnable container system, has designed the industry’s most complete storage and shipping device for 20-pound propane cylinders in closed-loop systems.

Tanks 190x300 Pro Pak


The Pro-Pak System’s unique product design and unique product features make it the clear-cut winner over alternative shipping methods. No Alternative matches the Pro-pak System’s durability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.


  • Eliminates the need to use wood pallets and dividers and the associated repair cost.
  • Improved production/distribution efficiencies thereby improving profit margins.
  • Stabilized load that results in a dramatic reduction in vehicles placed out of service due to DOT citations thus reducing fines.
  • Interlocking perimeter design allows for stable long haul shipping.
  • Superior service life compared to current packaging significantly reducing your cylinder cost to ship.
  • Divider design reduces overall height improving the stability of the unit by interlocking the foot-ring and collar.
  • Much lighter in weight than current wood packaging reducing employee fatigue, as well as reducing injuries from lifting, splinters from broken wood pallets, and injuries associated with pallet repair.
  • Improves employee job satisfaction.
  • Easy access to delivery trucks for partial unloading.

 4GasPalletBottomCopy 300x151 Pro Pak




         4GasPalletCopy 300x124 Pro Pak




4RhinoRingCopy 300x128 Pro Pak





ProPakDrawingsSmall 892x1024 Pro Pak