800mm x 1200mm Space Saver

800mm x 1200mm Space Saver

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Outside Dimensions
800mm x 1200mm x 768mm
Outside dimensions are measured from the floor to the top of the locating nub on the cover.

Inside Usable Dimensions
Use the following formulas to calculate I.U.D. to build your own Uni-Pak

Width and Length
800mm – 68mm = 732mm and 1200mm – 68mm = 1132mm

Container Height
Using a 768mm O.D. as an example
768mm – 229.5mm = 538.5
I.U.D. = 732mm x 1132mm x 538.5mm

Dimensions for Nesting and Stacking Calculation
First pallet on floor: 151mm
Nested pallet in pallet: 51mm
First top nested in pallet: 51mm
Nested top in top: 61mm
Sleeve (accordian folded in length): 63.5mm

800x1200 800mm x 1200mm Space Saver